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Six beaches to see in Vieste

This quick guide is aimed to help our guests with visiting the local beaches closed-by Posta Pastorella.
Be aware that only the closest beaches are going to be mentioned here and there are many more to visit in the Gargano Peninsula.
Here we go with the six closest beaches to Posta Pastorella.

#1 Baia dei Porci o Spiaggia Stretta

(3 miles away)

About 3 miles away from Posta Pastorella, right before the Crovatico Residence, you will notice a big sand dune degrading towards the sea side; at he bottom of the dune, there is a little bay just 150 feet large, well protected from almost all wind directions.

You might wonder why to head to this beach with no bars, no umbrellas for rent and no toilettes; still, with usually  very few people visiting this bay, you will feel totally connected to the surrounding nature where enjoy swimming often or almost by yourself.

#2 Baia di Sfinale

(5 miles away)

Among the few local beaches which still show the wildest side of the Gargano peninsula, located right at the border between Vieste and Peschici and about 5 miles from Posta Pastorella, this bay has an easy access directly from the main road.

On the left rocky end of the bay, an abandoned tower overlooks the entire bay recalling the times when it was used to alert the local population for an upcoming barbarian invasions from the sea.
Rosemary, juniper and other local plants abound in this area, making it a perfect destination for a relaxing walk on the beach.

By the evening, as the sun starts approaching the sea, you might find yourself breathtaking for a while as you sip your drink and watch this show.

#3 Baia di Molinella

(3 miles away)

This is a big sand dune well protected on both ends by the rocks and gently degrading into the sea, allowing kids and families for a safe swim. With a couple of beach bars and restaurants, a parking lot as well as umbrellas and sunloungers for rent, this beach is the ideal family destination for a beach day with an easy access directly from the main road (look for signals of Baia Molinella or ask to the locals).
Closed by the North end of the bay you can visit a “trabucco” and the “grottone”, a large cave where Paleolithic engravings are still well visible.

#4 Baia del Capricorno

(3 miles away)

Located adiacent to Baia di Molinella and easy to access from the same road by passing through the Capricorno Camping, this is a little bay well immersed in a natural oasis of Aleppo pines and protected from the Southern winds.
Ask the reception for where to park your car and walk then to the beach to enjoy the gentle, almost constant sea breeze.

#5 Punta Lunga

(3,5 miles away)

With a beach bar, a restaurant, umbrellas and sunloungers for rent and a kite&surf school, this bay offers low water depth, almost constant winds mainly blowing in the early morning and in mid afternoon.

The surrounding pines protect this bay from the main road, ensuring a peaceful day to spend bby relaxing on the beach or practising water sports in a fabolous scenario of trasparent water and wild nature.

#6 San Lorenzo 

(4 miles away)

At the Northern end of the beach of Vieste, there is a little bay looking like a perfect arch section and located just on the side of the main road. With parking lots along the street, a beach bar and restaurant, closed-by resorts and campings and very shallow waters, you can enjoy a perfect beach day or challenge yourself with fishing from the Northern rocky end.
From the beach, walk on the main road just around the “corner” and you will immediately face one of the latest operating trabucco where you can enjoy a day visit with a local guide as well as join the sunset fishing and yoga sessions which take place every day on this trabucco; be ready to jump back in the past for an amazing experience that you will not forget very easily.