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Five Places to visit nearby Posta Pastorella

Quick Guide for what to see closed to Posta Pastorella


The area of Vieste represents one of the most intact places of the Gargano Peninsula.

Strategically located midway between the coastline and the forest, Posta Pastorella is the perfect destination to enjoy the beautiful beaches near-by and, at the same time, immerse yourself in the nature and relax your body.


This quick guide is aimed to help the guests by listing five places which should not be missed when staying at Posta Pastorella.

Umbra Forest

One might think that talking about a forest would sound strange when referring to a beach destination; in fact, the Umbra Forest is closed to the coastline but still, so rich in biodiversity that it has been recognized as a protected area and, in 2017 officially became an Unesco World Heritage site.

It is a natural labyrinth of walking paths where any lover of mountain bike and trekking will literally fall in love with.


Thanks to the numerous picnic and barbecue areas located closed to the main road, it also represent a valid option to spend a day immersed in the nature with the family.

Kids will definitely enjoy the small lake located at the top of the forest as well as the visits to the local museum of plants and animals.

Closed to the museum, there is an Info Point where it is possible to rent a mountain bike as well as to enter protected areas reserved for deers and squirrels.

Time will move fast while you relax by the shadow of the tallest beech trees or challenge yourself by exploring the beauties of the forest with a walk inside the bush.

Scialmarino Beach

Also known by locals as Umbramare Beach, or Spiaggia Lunga Beach or even Santa Maria Beach, it is located just one mile away from Posta Pastorella and offers almost two miles of golden, fine sand with a rocky end on both sides.


The slope towards the sea is very gentle, allowing kids to safely enjoy the freshness of the water.

The beach is studded with beach bars and restaurants as well as umbrellas for rent; still, free areas are abundant for anyone to enjoy.


Being this beach very closed to the Umbra Forest, a climate effects results in a gentle breeze which pops up almost every day my mid morning and usually becomes a bit stronger in the early afternoon; that allows sea sports like kite surf and wind surf to be practiced almost all year long.


The sunset on this beach is very romantic; we always advice to park the car by the main parking area (free of charge in the evening) and walk on the beach to your preferred restaurant to enjoy the sea breeze and the spectacular reddish light effects on the bay.

Spiaggia di Sciamarino

Chianca Island and the Trabucco

A “Trabucco” is a wooden-made fishing tool which was used in the past; they look like sea spiders aiming towards the sea and are quite common on the entire coastline between Vieste and Peschici.

The one located on the Chianca Island, about 3 miles away from Posta Pastorella, looks like a gift for the landscape and represents a perfect spot to take some shots with your smartphone.

Moreover, the island is located just a few hundreds feet from the beach and you can easily walk there as the maximum water depth is less than two feet; still, remember to bring your sea shoes as the rocks on the island are quite sharp.


At Posta Pastorella you will also be able to reserve a place to visit the “Trabucco di San Lorenzo”, one of the few still in use. It is located about four miles away from us and offers guided tours during the entire day; you can also join a night tour by sunset time when you can assist to real fishing practices.

There are no fees for these tours and voluntary donations only are allowed.

Trabucco della Chianca

Porticello Tower

The city of Vieste has a long and at times cruent history of barbarian invasions.

In order to be able to quickly react to an invasion attempt, a series of towers was built along the coastline with the aim of communicating the imminent danger by burning fires on top of each tower.


Unfortunately, most of those towers have been abandoned during the years; still, there is one which has been totally restored and transformed into a private house.


This tower is located only 5 minutes away from Posta Pastorella, at the South end of the Scialmarino Bay where the calcareous rocks create a unique landscape.

This spot was in fact a mining area in the past and signs are well evident all around: pay attention to the long cutting lines which look very similar to natural stairs.


The mining process also resulted in two natural pools where, when the sea waves are strong enough to bring sea water inside, one can enjoy a swim in a very unusual, natural scenario.

Walking along this tract of coastline also offers some nice spots where to take some shoots.

Torre di Porticello

The Church of Santa Maria

There are many churchs in the area of Vieste, most of them show the typical Roman-Apulia style like in the case of the Main Cathedral and and the Church of San Francesco.


There is one little, white church closed by Posta Pastorella, about one mile away; it is located where, according to the local tradition, the old city of Vieste was initially built.

The name of this Church is Santa Maria di Merino, which is the Patron Saint of the city of Vieste.


Every year, on the 09th of May, the entire population runs to the Main Cathedral very early in the morning to assist to the celebrations for the Patron Saint.

After the lithurgic ritual, a human procession leaves the city and reaches the little church located about six miles away where more celebrations are run for the entire morning. By early afternoon, the procession starts its journey back to the city where, at around 10 pm, a suggestive walk back to the Main Cathedral is assisted by the local population which offers bags and bags of rose petals to the Patron Saint.


The statue is golden painted and almost totally covered with golden jewelries which have been donated by the population during the years; it is amazingly carried over the shoulders of six persons on rotation for the entire day.


If you are planning to visit Vieste during spring season, keep in mind the 09th of May as a good date to come over and assist to this event.


The little church has never been abandoned and still serves weekly celebrations each Saturday at 6 pm.

Chesa di Santa Maria

These are only some of the places to visit while at Posta Pastorella; for more inputs, feel free to contact us either on WhatsApp or by email.